What is Business Bestie?

Is an online membership website created for women business owners to do a multitude of things to uplift their businesses. We foster connection, education and a means to advertise their service. Learn more our About Page.

Why Join Business Bestie Directory?

Have you been going about running a business alone, wishing you had a girlfriend or two who just gets your day to day struggles? Wanting to find reputable women business to support and connect with? Or you have moved to a new town seeking a local banker, doctor, colorist or even jogging partner?

There are a couple of reasons to why I created, Business Bestie. First, wanting to help like-minded women business owners connect with the ladies like me around the world. This will make you become apart of a large family of successful, determined, brilliant, motivated & inspiring women achieving their dreams through the pursuit of small business, entrepreneurship, and startups. In addition to, millions of people are searching for businesses like ours daily, getting to the top of search engines can be tough.

However, be linked in a creditable online directory can help you increase your business presence. Our online directory will allow others to connect with your business not only in the US but across the world. Finally, I know the struggles of moving to a new town and needing to find everything to have a normal life. I wanted women to have a place not only to find small businesses to support but even connecting with someone who might want to grab a cup of coffee or jog.

You will no longer feel alone in your small town or a small fish in the vast ocean, by connecting on Business Bestie. Everyone needs a business bestie & yours is one membership away.

How long does it take for my listing to be approved?

Our goal is to make sure that every business owner truly represents who they are. On average it can take up to 72 hours for approval. We will research everyone prior to listing approval to ensure they are an up standing business.

 Thinking of meeting with other members of the Business Bestie community, do you have any thoughts or suggestions. 

First, Business Bestie is not liable for any activity that happens off our website. If you chose to gather with others that you have met through our website we highly suggest you research them. Do not give out personal information such as social security, credit card or personal information to complete strangers.

Are there mandatory requirements to be listed in the database?

Yes, 80% of your company needs to be owned by a living woman. Your company must have a website with; about page, photo of you and contact page.

I would love to interview Business Bestie, founder Tasha. Is there a way to set this up?

Yes, you can submit your information via our Contact Page. Please make sure you provide your name, publication,information needed, deadline and other important information.

What Will I Receive From Business Bestie Membership?

As of right now, membership to Business Bestie is free. We want women to list their business to help increase search ranking, but also to help other connect.

How can I become a member of Business Bestie?

Simple, we are so glad you asked. You can fill out the form on Add A Listing page. Once your information is approved, your business will be listed.

Are there any fees at this time?

No, Business Bestie is free to join. Every member has to feel out a form and wait for their account to be approved.

How much equity does a women need to own of the business to be listed on Business Bestie?

She should own 80% equity in the company and have physical presence at the main headquarters of the company.

What information is required at the time of listing? 

We gather basic information for our business listings such as; name, location, website and social media handles. You can view all information required by checking out Add A Listing Page.

Can I browse the site if I am not a business owner?

Yes, you can search our online directory of businesses and not be a business owner.

Why does the business have to be women owned?

Imperfect Concepts mission as a company has always been focused on helping other women business owners. Business Bestie, as an Imperfect Concepts company creates another means of helping women business owners. The promotion of women to women business support in a positive light is extremely important to us.

How can I connect with other women in the Business Bestie Directory?

You will search the directory by needs you have. Once you find a bestie in your country or state, search the various categories. All listings include name, business name, website, social media icons, email contact and more.

Does Business Bestie organize meetups for members?

No, not at this time. If members want to connect with each other they can under their own will. We are not legally responsible for any correspondence, meetups, transaction or anything else that occurs off our website with third parties, that were met on the website.

If you, have further questions regarding Business Bestie please submit your questions via our Contact Form.